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General Voice Techniques in Persian Music taught By Shahin Yousefzamani

Workshop Classes 
 Wednesday, January 11, 2012
As a music composer he has experienced almost all the aspects and styles of music and instrumentation including orchestral, band, vocal, choral, fusion, folk, rock and contemporary. He has also served projects as conductor, musician, musical director, arranger, contractor and audio engineer.
Group Sessions (up to 12 students)
This short course is designed for eight two-­‐hour sessions with half hour break. You will learn about general singing techniques applied by famous Persian singers in different styles. In the last session, we will perform the selected choir music learn during the workshop. The course include the following objectives:
• Mechanics of Singing
• Breathing
• Posture
• Intonation
• Toning up the voice
• Clarity
• Articulation
• Expanding the singing voice range
• Acting the song
• Maintaining the vocal health
• Singing in group
• Tips for performing like a professional singer
Cost: $380 For 8 Sessions
Location: Mulholland Estates , CA.
Time: Wednesdays 6-­‐8pm Starting Jan. 11th, 2012
( with 30 minutes break)


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  • Wednesday, January 11, 2012

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