Submission Disclosure

Artist Requirements: 
         18 years or older 
         Born in Iran or of Iranian decent. 
Entry to this exhibition constitutes as consent to our proposal and guarantees the availability of your work for our exhibitions, screens and 30Voices website. To that extent, accepted artists will be required to sign the 30Voices agreement. 
The entries must be relevant to the exhibition topic and objectives. 30Voices and its directors have full discretion on defining what constitutes an acceptable entry. 
Selected Artists will be responsible for transportation of their own artwork to and from where the exhibition will be taped. Therefore, safety precautions should be taken by the owners to insure safety of their artworks. 
Accommodations and travel expenses will be the responsibility of the selected artists, unless stated otherwise in the agreement. 
By signing 30Voices agreement, artist agrees to hold 30Voices directors, employees, volunteers, and vendors free of all liabilities.