Special Event Proposal

30Voices is pleased to put forth its proposal to organize and host an event  on March 8th, 2015 in honor of International Women’s Day.  
Regardless of ethnicity, religion or socioeconomic class, women have for many years struggled to overcome gender bias and discrimination. 30Voices would like to pay homage to the suffragists and activists who raised awareness of women’s rights and commend those who continue to do so. 
Every year 30Voices chooses a female archetype and inspires artists to tell her story as best they can. The heroine chosen to drive and inspire this year’s event is Lilith, the archetype of freedom and courage. Artists will provide their interpretation of Lilith's role as a woman whose bold passion propelled this forgotten story . 
The classic epic will come to life in various forms of artistic manifestations. A professional storyteller will embody Lilith in full regalia while a short film and play will demonstrate a modern appeal. Vocalists and dance performances will take place and so will an art exhibition under two traditional Ghashghai tents crafted in Iran. 
The Ghashghai tent is an artistic display in and of itself with its rich colored tapestries woven from the softest wool in Iran. The Ghashghai nomads are from the Fars province of Iran, mainly Khuszestan, Southern Isfahan and surrounding areas of Shiraz. They migrate to different pastures twice a year, but what’s most fascinating about them is that despite what seems like a primitive existence, there remains the utmost respect and camaraderie between men and women.  They understand better than many advanced cultures today the importance of men and women working side-by-side rather than ahead and behind one another. 30Voices is proud to share this piece of Iranian heritage. 
30Voices relies solely on the generous donations and support of artists, patrons and sponsors.